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How to prepare for a professional spray tan

After a professional spray tan you feel completely transformed and ready to take on the weekend. In order to achieve an even skin tone there are a few tips and tricks to follow before your appointment.

Week before spray tan:

-The outer  layer of skin is called the epidermis which sheds dead skin everyday. Exfoliation ensures all dead cells are evenly removed leaving the skin smooth. We all love a hot shower and while it opens the pores and relieves tension in our muscles it can be extremely drying and strip our skin of its natural oils leading to dry, itchy skin.

The best way to judge the temperature is to pay attention to your skins reaction. If it becomes red the temperature is to high. Apply an exfoliator all over the body with a glove. Move it in circular and length way motions paying special attention to the elbows, knees and ankles. Before finishing your shower blast your skin with cold water, this will close pores and prevent them from getting blocked.  

-Moisturize after every shower when the pores are open allowing the product to absorb. Apply it liberally at night and wake up with soft hydrated skin every morning. 

- Hair removal and tinting should be carried out 48 hours prior to tanning.

Day of appointment:

Ideally shower the night before and don’t apply any moisturizer or deodorant to the body. If you do shower the same day as your spray tan finish with a cold blast of water to close the pores. Wear loose clothing and sandals to your appointment with no makeup. It is also best to wear loose long sleeved clothing in bed and cover your pillow with a towel to prevent staining.

Morning after appointment:

-Shower off the guide colour the following morning. Don’t use any shower gel as this can cause the tan to wear off quicker. Wait until the water runs clear to ensure the guide colour is removed and pat the skin dry.

-Apply an oil free moisturiser in the morning and evening as tan contains DHA which can dry out the skin.

In my previous post I recommended products to help you with the steps above and you can check them out in the post titled 'How to make fake tan look real'.

Hope this helps!

Chat soon,

Edwina x

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